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There is so much that the AFEN community could care for. However, amongst a long list of requests from the community, at the very top is the listing of the AFEN token on a reputable central exchange. Over the past couple of months, the community has applied necessary pressure on the team to ensure that the activities within the ecosystem are in tandem with the released roadmap. In response to this endless call, AFEN initiated talks with exchanges and successfully nailed listing on popular central exchange MEXC.

Apart from this listing, other marketing and development activities are picking up. This…

The motivation at AFEN remains the same. To build and develop the ecosystem for the benefit of the community. And so, after the launch of our first product, we continued development to improve the standard of AFEN NFT marketplace. Apart from this, the team has also continued marketing activities to ensure the growth of all facets of the ecosystem.

In the next few paragraphs, we acquaint you with the updates you deserve and should be aware of. One thing is sure, it is going to be a busy and informative next couple of weeks for the AFEN ecosystem.

Let’s dive…

The hype and excitement is still much in the air with the launch of . As expected, the community received the launch of the first product in the AFEN ecosystem with warmth and delight. Activities kicked off immediately with so many artists and partners selling out NFTs hours after release.

While the euphoria stays, the AFEN has made sure to inform the community of a new direction in the scheme of things post product launch. This was themed as AFEN 2.0. Click the link to read extensively on AFEN 2.0.

The next paragraphs details the actionable steps AFEN has…

The AFEN board of directors and team members are certain about the new direction for the pioneering blockchain startup.

With now live, the team has decided to gear things up for the coming days. So, as a community member you might want to ask; “what does this entail and why should I be excited?” Yes! Of course! The answer is in the next few headings of this article and should be treated as an imperative piece of information.

In order to ensure that growth and stability is a constant to the AFEN ecosystem, the AFEN team deems it expedient…

How-To Guide: Connecting MetaMask to AFEN NFT Marketplace/ Setting Binance smart chain as Mainnet

The first step to getting started on the AFEN NFT marketplace is to connect a MetaMask wallet to your account. You may be wondering; what’s a Metamask?

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Notably, users can access their Ethereum wallets using the software, which is available as a browser extension on a desktop browser or as a mobile app. In addition, it equips the user with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange.

To connect a…


This is one of the most exciting news in the crypto industry, especially for the ever-expanding African crypto space.

Last week, AFEN announced the release date for the long-anticipated NFT marketplace. The launch date is scheduled for the 20th of August 2020. Once launched, the AFEN NFT marketplace is set to become one of the few African projects to move from idea to actual product with tremendous impact. …



AFRO X represents a confluence of modern, mystic and ancient African designs as illustrated by stellar African Afromysterics and 3D digital artist, Jesse Tomi, put together by the AFEN blockchain group with the help of African historians and ancient African art curators.

AFROXNFTs represent the core of African existence, displaying a mixture of culture and futurism. The collection is represented by 3 afro beings and a mythical creature: A man, a woman, a genderless child, and a masquerade. …

The AFEN marketing team has been working hard behind the scenes. The outcomes are revealed in a series of announcements detailed in this newsletter. Is it appropriate for the community to be ecstatic? Yes!

In the previous newsletter, we asked the community to be patient and calm as the team works to establish the brand as a formidable force in the NFT ecosystem. AFEN is gradually achieving this, as it was a short-term goal to form credible partnerships before the launch of the NFT marketplace. The following paragraphs provide specifics on the work completed thus far.

AFEN and Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF):

Explained: How to create NFT Art with zero coding experience

You’re probably reading about NFT for the umpteenth time, and that’s largely because the topic has only recently gained attention from many people, especially investors, despite having a long history dating back to 2012. As a result, we won’t bore you with needless bluffs and instead focus on the main topic: how to create NFT art with zero coding experience.

However, that doesn’t mean we will jump right into the discussion without briefly explaining what NFT means. At least for the sake of those who may just be stumbling on…

AFEN TRENDS: 5 Things you should know about the new NFT euphoria.

We knew we had to bring you some exciting news about the world of NFTs and what has made them sneak into the spotlight again. Over the past week and till this moment, we have witnessed tweets and comments like “NFTs won’t let you down” , “It is NFT summer innit?” …


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