Getting familiar with the AFEN Ecosystem

Afen ecosystem is a rich complex maze of network that connects to each other through the AFEN token.

It is a community of crypto enthusiasts who invest in the AFEN token and help build the network through transactions, arts and real estate investments.

AFEN is Africa’s leading NFT project with…

There’s a lot of potential in making money for NFTs especially if you’re an artist, you can easily make headway with digital arts, you can create your own artworks and sell it on NFts platforms.

NFTs are the future of digital art and collectibles and they are gradually taking over.

Three years ago, software program builders created an unusual artwork task referred to as Cryptopunks that posed a critical and provocative question: Could some strains of code translate to a sense of significant ownership? It turned into a loopy concept that could require, of their words, ‘a conceptual leap.’ …

If you’ve been following our updates, you are most likely aware that will play host to in-demand NFT artist; Antony Azekwoh on the 5th of October. Anthony will be launching his second collection out of 3. As an NFT artist getting used to selling out projects on various NFT…


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