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The AFEN board of directors and team members are certain about the new direction for the pioneering blockchain startup.

With now live, the team has decided to gear things up for the coming days. So, as a community member you might want to ask; “what does this entail and why should I be excited?” Yes! Of course! The answer is in the next few headings of this article and should be treated as an imperative piece of information.

In order to ensure that growth and stability is a constant to the AFEN ecosystem, the AFEN team deems it expedient to release what is tagged AFEN 2.0 : A series of activities for the growth of the ecosystem. Detailed below is the lineup for the next phase of activities which will be implemented consequently to the launch of

Redistribution of AFEN token through staking pools from NFT partners:

To ensure that the $AFEN token is evenly distributed thereby reducing whale activities and ensuring a balanced ecosystem, the AFEN team has commenced talks with partners and intending partners to create NFT staking pools through a buy, stake, and earn program. Contracts with partners will be signed to ensure that there is no breach in terms and a pool will be created where communities of partners will acquire NFTs on , stake the NFTs to earn $AFEN through the staking period. A staking limit will be provided to ensure even distribution of $AFEN through the pool. This will create a healthy environment for the $AFEN token to gain value while being a use case token.

$AFEN introduced to :

Contrary to uninformed community opinion, the $AFEN token will be introduced as a second transaction currency on the AFEN NFT marketplace. This is set to take place as soon as possible after the launch of The decision to have the $AFEN token come in after the integration of BNB on the platform is strategic to ensure that volatility is first curbed through the AFEN 2.0 initiative which will see the AFEN token redistributed and volatility reduced for ease of transaction on The introduction of $AFEN to the marketplace adds to the number of use cases for the AFEN token.

$AFEN to be used as payment method through Educational platform & NFT Marketplace:

The $AFEN token is a multi use case token. To ensure that this statement remains true, the AFEN team has decided to incorporate the use of $AFEN in the next phase of product development. The Educational platform and initiative for the advancement of blockchain technology will see the $AFEN token integrated as a payment and reward method thereby attracting stability and growth to the token. The AFEN team have begun discussions and have taken action on the Educational structure of the ecosystem with a partnership announcement in the works. Exciting!

New Exchange listings & Application to Pancakeswap Auction Farm & Syrup Pools:

The AFEN team has made it known to the community on several occasions that the major reason behind a slow progress in Exchange listing both on DEX and CEX was due to the lack of a working product and the right conditions for listing. With excitement for a working product which will be improved upon consequently, the AFEN 2.0 program will witness more applications for listings. Discussions have begun and the community should expect announcements shortly. Also, while we anticipate this, the Team is bent on being strategic about listings to ensure that the ecosystem remains healthy and to avoid dire risks.

7.5 percentage of proceeds of revenue from to be allocated for AFEN token buyback monthly & Burn:

Delivering on the promise for the implementation of a value increment plan for the $AFEN token, the AFEN team will be using 7.5% in proceeds from the AFEN NFT marketplace to conduct a buy back and burn monthly program. This will lead to further stability of the $AFEN token which will be used on the $AFEN marketplace. The activity begins immediately is launched.

More features for

The development team has divided the development of into multiple phases. Each phase is to ensure that constant updates are done to build the marketplace to industry standard. The next phase for will see the leading NFT platform integrate the collection feature, better user interface, multiple NFT categories and general applications to the platform to increase speed, productivity, user experience and profitability.

Airdrop for Community members / AFROXNFT Holders:

Giveaways are part of the crypto culture and AFEN is not left out. The AFEN team have incorporated into AFEN 2.0, an airdrop structure which will see faithful community members, $AFEN holders and AFROXNFT holders rewarded handsomely with $AFEN tokens. The reward structure for the AFROXNFT holders have been announced to be conducted randomly and on a rotational basis monthly. Likewise, $AFEN holders will be getting airdrops from the community vault as frequently and randomly as possible.

Building AFEN token staking Platform to earn NFTs & Tokens from partnered project:

Will AFEN have a staking program, YES! This special question frequently asked by the community is viewed as important by the team. AFEN 2.0 will witness the building of a staking platform for the AFEN community to stake $AFEN tokens and earn tokens from partnering projects as well as NFTs.

This will help build the AFEN ecosystem to a healthy and value encumbered environment.

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