In previous articles, we detailed what NFTs are and what you should know before delving into this unique aspect of cryptocurrency. Well, here we are again to discuss what you need and how to get them in order to function as an artist and a user of the AFEN NFT marketplace.

First, you have to purchase some Doritos, a can of coke, and upgrade your Netflix account.

Totall kidding! You don’t need any of those to start functioning as an NFT artist. What you do need is a non-custodial wallet and the knowledge to add the Binance smart chain network.

AFEN NFT marketplace is built on Binance smart chain so you definitely need to know how to add that to the choice custodial wallet. Metamask.

Yup Metamask.

Firstly, download the Metamask app if you are using a mobile phone. However, it is advisable to use a PC to access the Afen NFT marketplace.


● Take a stroll to the metamask website

● Click “Get chrome Extension” to install metamask

● Click “Add to chrome” in the upper right

● Click “Add extension” to complete the installation

● Click on the metamask logo (orange fox face) in the upper right hand of your google chrome browser

After all these, there are still a few steps to take.

In order to use metamask, you have to install a wallet which will hold your tokens and coins.

To do this:

● Read and agree to the terms and conditions. (We know you are not reading all that though)

● Enter a password and click on create wallet

● Save your seed phrase as file. Please this is very important. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone and keep it safe as you will need it to access the website.

● You can then click “I’ve copied it safe” and then Boom! You’re in your metamask wallet

N/B: The default mainnet network for Metamask is the Ethereum network. However, Afen is built on the Binance smart chain network and you will need to add that network.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process.



Network name: Binance smart chain

Chain ID: 56

Block explorer:

New RPC: or (You can use any one of them)

Now let’s hook you up to BSC in a few easy steps.

● Open your metamask and Click on the top “Ethereum mainnet”

● Choose No.2 “Custom RPC”

● Copy and paste BSC Mainnet details as listed above

● Click on Save.

Tada! You now have Binance smart chain on your metamask. Welcome to BSC.

These steps are expedient as we get ready to launch the AFEN NFT marketplace a few hours from now.

Are you ready????

Share this article and spread the word. It’s about to get lit at AFEN.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.

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