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The AFEN marketing team has been working hard behind the scenes. The outcomes are revealed in a series of announcements detailed in this newsletter. Is it appropriate for the community to be ecstatic? Yes!

In the previous newsletter, we asked the community to be patient and calm as the team works to establish the brand as a formidable force in the NFT ecosystem. AFEN is gradually achieving this, as it was a short-term goal to form credible partnerships before the launch of the NFT marketplace. The following paragraphs provide specifics on the work completed thus far.

AFEN and Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF):

AFEN has successfully closed a deal with the Nigeria Basketball Federation, which is certainly exciting news. AFEN will have exclusive rights to mint and sell the D’tigers digital collectibles on the AFEN NFT marketplace when it launches. If you’re unfamiliar with the D’tigers, here’s a rundown of what they’re all about and why they’re the talk of the town right now. Precious Achiuwa, Gabe Vincent, and KZ Okpala are among the top NBA players on the D’tigers team. The D’tigers team also accomplished the unthinkable by defeating the United States 90–87 in the exhibition games preceding the start of the Olympic basketball tournament in Tokyo.

AFEN also sponsors the D’tigers’ official theme song. As we await the official unveiling of a functioning NFT marketplace, AFEN continues to seek meaningful partnerships.


The AFEN project has received unreserved support and advice from renowned crypto enthusiasts, Keith Mali- Chung being the most active AFEN supporter so far. Keith is the COO and Co-founder of Swirge; a crypto startup building an ecosystem of decentralized products such as a decentralized social media. He wields a quantum of expertise in tech, blockchain, and finance marketing having worked for New York based company, Avalanche as a blockchain operational manager. Keith’s scope of interest covers both cryptocurrency and philanthropy. The AFEN team has described Keith as AFEN’s early supporter who through his influence has marketed AFEN in strategic ways beneficial to AFEN. One notable mention when describing Keith is the remarkable gesture of returning $80,000 worth of BTC accidentally sent to his wallet to the owner after days of searching. In the words of Keith:

“In Africa, which Is where I am situated, 80% Crypto transactions happen through WhatsApp escrows and someone who himself and I had business in the past made this huge mistake of sending 7.8BTC into my blockchain wallet. I spread the word around & he reached out.”

Keith will be coming on board the AFEN project as the Chairman of the AFEN Advisory board. In this position and capacity, he will perform an advisory role in decision making to guide the team on how to build a successful brand.

With high hopes, the team is positive that this is the start of a brilliant structure that will build the AFEN project into a formidable blockchain startup.

AFEN and CARFAX Rub minds:

As the AFEN team continues to work on the first working product of the AFEN ecosystem, an NFT marketplace, the team has slowly begun efforts to achieve the group’s educational vision. As a result, AFEN CEO Deborah Ojengbede has begun preliminary discussions with stellar educational platform Carfax which led to her speaking at the Carfax educational summer course “Introduction to Cryptocurrency.” The 27-year-old hardworking AFEN CEO enlightened children, teenagers, and interested adults who were willing to learn more about blockchain technology. According to a Carfax announcement, the educational platform’s relationship with AFEN is capable of breeding a stronger partnership in the near future.

AFEN and WSG announce Staking Pool partnership:

AFEN has also successfully entered into a symbiotic partnership with NFT gaming platform — Wall Street Games. WSG proceeded to announce on their medium page the details of the partnership described below as agreed and copied:

“We are happy to announce a new Wall Street Games partnership! 🎮

What does the partnership bring?

A new staking pool deposit WSG and earn AFEN 💰

💰 Stake WSG to earn AFEN!

The Joystick program is already kicking in! 👾

Staking pool deposit WSG to earn AFEN is upon us!

≈46,000$ of AFEN token rewards is waiting for you to claim it!

Go to and join the STAKING POOL!

Start: at 11:00 UTC on July 22nd, 2021

Duration: 1 Month

❗️ There is a one-week lock on deposits in the Joystick staking program ❗️


As announced by the CTO of AFEN, Avinash, the AFEN NFT marketplace will be fully operational on the 20th of August, 2021. When asked if he was certain about this date and if the community should expect a shift in the date for launch, the CTO reassured the community of the date.

Consequently, the CMO, Rugi, also highlighted marketing plans being put in place for a successful product launch. The NFT marketplace is expected to be AFEN’s first product release.


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