3 min readApr 22, 2021

On April 20th 2021, we conducted our IDO. Token price for IDO was 0.011 and the listing price will depend upon demand. We are excited with the overwhelming response so far.

At the day of our initial token distribution, there is approximately 65.5 M $AFEN tokens in circulation (7.7% of 850m total tokens)

1. Community Sale : 5% token sold at Price 0.011$ (Supply : 42.5M)

2. Private Sale : 2% token sold at Price 0.007$ (Supply : 17M)

3. Strategic Sale : 0.7% in circulation (Supply : 6M)


· 0x5Ac3895d043f3F837eC6E851e0e843982F78F8C1

· 0x1BA5AceCF03687EE3C5fBA140AB76b4237d577c1

· 0x4276b56D3031414F0505d0A0DB1D21FBC3B5011C

· 0x908CbC791dfE1fa0Fe1325D4cCaCFeA198B42759

· 0xDAd0509095886ECc672F1b1955Ae56830542bFBc


The need for Data security, legitimization, and authentication of important aspects of Africa’s economy, demography and system cannot be over emphasized. It is true that in Africa, potential industries are prone to certain shortcomings such as piracy and dishonest transactions and are in dire need for new ways to plug the loopholes thereby increasing general productivity.

In light of the above, AFEN exists.

AFEN is a solution to the problems of 3 Key sectors within the African Continent namely; Real Estate, Arts and Education.


In this sector, AFEN has identified the rigours in the exchange of properties between parties; seller and buyer. The Increase in middleman activity, issues of documentation authenticity, and other. complexities heavily affecting the industry will become a thing of the past with AFEN pioneering the integration of blockchain technology to solve these problems. Details are provided in the company’s white paper. https://afengroup.com/whitepaper/


African art has gone through several unfavourable phases in the course of its history. In recent times, the industry is faced with newer problems affecting contemporary African artists. AFEN’s infusion of the blockchain technology with Arts will help African artists and their arts transfer digital ownership of original art creations which will in turn increase value of African arts. AFEN has created a platform for Artists to upload and sell their art forms as Non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Binance smart chain.

This will provide an available marketplace with access to a wider range of art lovers , opening the African art market to credible investors.

More details are found in the company’s white paper. https://afengroup.com/whitepaper/


Africa continues to showcase unprecedented interest in technology with focus on cryptocurrency, recognizable through the statistics in crypto transactions. AFEN recognizes the potential that this holds for the future. This insight accounts for AFEN’s decision to contribute to the growth by empowering students with interest with the adequate learning tools and environment to pursue a career in blockchain technology. The awards upon completion will be transferred as NFTs.

Details can be found in the. company’s white paper. https://afengroup.com/whitepaper/

The AFEN TOKEN boasts of unique utilities such as;

a) Staking and earning of staking rewards over time.

b) Cashback for AFEN token holders on transactions ranging from 1% to 2% returns.

c) Discounted fees on NFT payments using the AFEN tokens

d) Educational incentives

e) Discount on fees for Real estate listings on AFEN

f) Referral Tokens to be shared for each person referred


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