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2023 RECAP:

In 2023, AFEN faced and conquered formidable challenges, marking a transformative journey that strengthened our commitment to innovation. Collaborating closely with esteemed partners, AFEN navigated a near insolvency setback, prompting a strategic shift towards emerging stronger despite the challenges.

Reflecting on 2023’s events, AFEN actively engaged in strategic activities. We launched the maiden edition of NftyTribe Art Expo, held in May; the exhibition showcased the creativity of the African art scene, emphasizing the theme “The Next 100x.”

Recap of NftyTribe Expo 2023, organized by AFEN

Beyond creativity, AFEN’s commitment to community upliftment was evident in the Children’s Day digital training at Kuchingoro IDP camp which aimed to empower young minds through technology.

Children’s Day digital training at Kuchingoro IDP camp

Venturing globally, AFEN’s CEO — Deborah Ojengbede participated as a delegate at GITEX events in Morocco 🇲🇦 and Dubai 🇦🇪 , establishing meaningful connections with builders and potential partners.

AFEN’s CEO — Deborah Ojengbede at GITEX 2023 event

In November, Deborah also led a panel discussion at the Jumpstarter 2023 event in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 organized by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, focusing on technological innovation’s role in shaping Africa’s future.

AFEN CEO leading an enlightening panel session at Jumpstarter 2023, Hong Kong 🇭🇰

The year concluded with AFEN being selected to exhibit live at the Art of Technology Lagos 5.0 event, organized by the Lagos State Government. This strategic positioning reaffirms AFEN’s active contributions to the African Web3 scene.

Recap of AFEN’s participation at the AOT Lagos Conference


Fast forward to Q1 2024, we are set to embark on the AFEN Launchpad program, a dynamic initiative fostering collaboration and innovation within the Africa’s blockchain landscape. This launch emphasizes collaboration with builders, strategic partners, and investors, forming impactful partnerships and mentoring opportunities while spearheading innovation.

In the upcoming weeks, AFEN is rolling out the Launchpad initiative, starting with a hackathon; the program invites builders and innovators to participate, engaging with blockchain protocols, mentors and sponsors. Top participants not only stand a chance to secure grants, and resources but also gain entry into the AFEN Launchpad program — functioning as a venture studio. This incubation phase ensures close collaboration with projects, guiding them towards success.

Entering 2024, AFEN is committed to revitalizing the $AFEN token and reinforcing its value. Comprehensive initiatives, including a potential tokenomics restructure, multi-chain exploration, a robust governance structure, and strategic collaborations are underway to ensure token stability and sustained growth within the AFEN ecosystem.


In summary, AFEN’s journey from the challenges of 2023 to the ambitious initiatives of 2024 showcases resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to growth. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, AFEN invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, let’s shape the future of blockchain innovation, community empowerment, and the continued success of AFEN.

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