This is one of the most exciting news in the crypto industry, especially for the ever-expanding African crypto space.

Last week, AFEN announced the release date for the long-anticipated NFT marketplace. The launch date is scheduled for the 20th of August 2020. Once launched, the AFEN NFT marketplace is set to become one of the few African projects to move from idea to actual product with tremendous impact. AFEN NFT marketplace will also move to compete with top ranking NFT marketplaces such as Open sea, Rarible, and Foundation with AFEN NFT marketplace having an edge due to being built on binance smart chain, having incredibly low transaction fees and less than 10% in commission from sales.

What’s more exciting is, beyond the launch of the marketplace, AFEN is set to launch the biggest Afrocentric NFT project called AFROXNFT. According to details on the project, AFROXNFT Afro x represents a confluence of modern, mystic and ancient African design as illustrated by stellar African Afromysterics and 3D digital artist, Jesse Tomi. Furthermore, AFROXNFTs represent the core of African existence, displaying a mixture of culture and futurism. The collection is represented by 3 afro beings and a mythical creature: A man, a woman, a genderless child, and a masquerade. 1,000 AFROXNFT will be minted in the first phase at a floor price of 1BNB and will be available at the AFEN NFT MARKETPLACE

Now for the thrilling part of all this, to launch the AFEN NFT marketplace, AFEN is set to host the most attended AMA session by an African project on Friday, 13th August, 2021 at 19:00 WAT. The AMA session will have in attendance, top AFEN partners, notable crypto influencers, NFT artists and collectors as well as over 10,000 AFEN community members.

AFFOXNFT artdrops will be given randomly to attendees expected to get lucky. Other strategic AMA sessions will also be organized and announced accordingly. There will be loads of giveaways from different projects in attendance and influencers.

Get your metamask ready for the best NFT project to come out of Africa.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.