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AFRO X represents a confluence of modern, mystic and ancient African designs as illustrated by stellar African Afromysterics and 3D digital artist, Jesse Tomi, put together by the AFEN blockchain group with the help of African historians and ancient African art curators.

AFROXNFTs represent the core of African existence, displaying a mixture of culture and futurism. The collection is represented by 3 afro beings and a mythical creature: A man, a woman, a genderless child, and a masquerade. 1,000 AFROXNFT will be minted in the first phase at a floor price of 1BNB and will be available at the AFEN NFT MARKETPLACE.

In African culture, each masquerade represents something significant: An age grade, an era, visitation of spirits, and disguises. The Afro in AfroXNFT represents Africa while the X represents the mystery factor.

100 different masquerades will be minted on the blockchain representing disguises in Animal, human, composite, and cultural hero forms. They are extremely rare as they represent a ratio of 1:10

The forms of the AFROXNFT will bear ancient African names used in identifying them and can be summoned depending on the psychological and spiritual attachment given to the NFT by the owner.

AIRDROP FEATURE: Upon release of AFROXNFT, a monthly airdrop of $AFEN token will take place whereby randomly selected AFROXNFT will receive $AFEN interchangeably every month. Therefore, lucky owners of AFROXNFT as at the moment of the airdrop will benefit from AFEN tokens. This is modelled from ancient African folktale practice where lots are cast to decide amongst a chosen few who the luck of the gods will fall upon.


1,000 AFROXNFT will be minted in total. A number will be available for purchase on AFEN NFT marketplace after launch of the platform on the 20th of August, 2021. Others will be art dropped to the community in celebration of the launch of the AFEN NFT marketplace.

To follow the development of the project:

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