Anthony Azekwoh: The Homecoming

2 min readOct 2, 2021

If you’ve been following our updates, you are most likely aware that will play host to in-demand NFT artist; Antony Azekwoh on the 5th of October. Anthony will be launching his second collection out of 3. As an NFT artist getting used to selling out projects on various NFT marketplace, Anthony fits the AFEN idea of a pioneering creative being very much African. This fits, of course it does! It fits the AFEN plan from inception to fix the center light on African artists. So, what do you know about Anthony? And why should you be concerned about this NFT artist so much to anticipate his extremely valuable digital art projects; a description that has earned a global nod.

Anthony Azekwor is a digital artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He has several creative works to his credit which includes arts, essays, short stories, poetry and so on. He has worked with several celebrities and helped them create album covers. Among them are, Adekunle Gold (AG Baby album cover), and Blaqbonez (Sex over love).

Anthony’s artworks are well crafted colors, lines and shapes. As a writer, he found his secondary school English teacher as an inspiration. According to him, Kola Tunbosun, a renowned writer and Linguist encouraged him to write and share his works. He also saw writing as a way to express himself. The need to do more on creativity was the reason he delved into arts.

The Homecoming according to Anthony is like a celebration as he emphasizes on his artistic experience of eight years. His works are centered around the native African descent which includes icons, artifacts and so on. Also, he emphasizes on originality being the core inspiration behind his creative works. He told his story through his words and paintings which he described as ‘different dialects of the same language of creativity’

According to Anthony, “if I am to sustain myself in this work, I have to be myself, I have to be my own home, I have to be my own space.” The idea of ‘Homecoming’ was birthed upon the realisation that he has been detached from his true self and the need to find his way back. The ‘Homecoming’ is a collection of NFTs with unique creative works. It is divided into three volumes with AFEN featuring in the second.

The ‘Homecoming’ is symbolised by three circles, with two circles coming back to the. center to the icon.

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