2 min readAug 31, 2022

ℹ️ Gregory Griffiths joins AFEN Blockchain Group as Executive Board Advisor

AFEN celebrates the addition of Gregory Griffiths as our Executive Board Advisor who will help drive the company’s vision forward

Gregory Griffiths will have a core focus providing strategic advice, support and guidance to the Company across; commercial, finance, sales and marketing.

Gregory brings a proven, global mindset and technology-led approach that will contribute positively towards the company’s ambitious goals.

His experience and trusted expertise will better-support our development and culture, enabling an environment where our team can truly thrive together and create the best possible outcomes.

With an extensive background in technology, innovation and sales, Gregory has more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune companies, enterprise, governments and startups. He has worked across different continents in a range of sectors, and currently advises on several global projects.

Accustomed to complex and demanding environments, he believes that results are achieved through strength of commitment and teamwork. An optimist by nature, he fosters the harmonious professional surroundings that lead to profitable long-term relationships.

Gregory believes that AFEN has the foundation and vision to dominate the market. Combined with his knowledge, Gregory is confident that AFEN can scale significantly, disrupt existing markets and be known as the market leader across all major blockchain applications.

Gregory Griffiths said, “I am truly excited to work with this amazing Team on the next stage of their growth journey. They have already achieved so much in their short time as a company and this is very apparent with the people that work there and performance to-date. My time at AFEN Blockchain Group will help contribute towards delivering the next stage of its growth, securing funding for phase two and maximising the opportunity to unlock their true potential.”

Deborah Ojengbede, CEO AFEN Blockchain Group said, “We are excited to welcome Gregory Griffiths to the AFEN family. Gregory brings a wealth of experience that is both dynamic, strategically on-point and clearly demonstrates the mindset that will help AFEN internally and also across the wider ecosystem. I am very pleased and honored to be working closely with @BitcoinKeith — our Chairman, Advisory Board and Gregory — our first Executive Board Advisor, who has proven himself time and time again. We are ready for the next challenging stage of our company roadmap and we want to bring on experts, who can not only better support us through this journey but are always driving to ‘Think like a Unicorn’.”

About AFEN:

AFEN is a web3 infrastructure company, dedicated to driving Blockchain adoption in Africa. Our mission is to build a vibrant ecosystem designed to empower Africans, with financial inclusion as the main driver.

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