ℹ️ Ryan Levy joins AFEN Blockchain Group as Executive Board Advisor

2 min readOct 16, 2022


AFEN celebrates the addition of Ryan Levy as an Executive Board Advisor. Ryan will help drive the company’s next stage of growth through business development, strategic partnerships, go-to-market strategies and brand awareness.

Ryan’s passion for “connecting the dots”, along with his expertise in building ecosystems and partnerships, will help drive the growth as set forth in AFEN’s goals.

His extensive experience and trusted expertise, as well as his innate ability to create a positive and thriving culture, will enhance the team environment, driving creativity, collaboration and the best chance at success.

With nearly 20 years of startup experience in web2, web3, blockchain, and all things data, Ryan had been an executive leader of business development, partnerships and go-to-market strategies across 3 different continents (and counting). He has built an ecosystem of founders and partners that traverse all things web3, including Blockchain Networks, NFT’s, P2E/Gaming, DeFi, and more. With his passion and “never give up attitude”, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and vision to AFEN Blockchain Group.

Ryan Levy said, “I’m extremely excited to work with this incredible team, leveraging my passion for building partnerships and ecosystems, to help AFEN deliver on this growth stage of the company. Knowing that the focus on driving blockchain innovation on the African continent is near and dear to my heart. The foundation and vision are there, so now we push forward to the next level and beyond”

Deborah Ojengbede, CEO AFEN Blockchain Group said, “Ryan’s passion for connecting the dots is strategically on-point, and clearly demonstrates the mindset that will help AFEN’s vision across the wider ecosystem. We are so excited to welcome Ryan Levy to the AFEN family, and looking forward to our next chapter with his guidance and support!”

About AFEN:

AFEN is a web3 infrastructure company, dedicated to driving Blockchain adoption in Africa. Our mission is to build a vibrant ecosystem designed to empower Africans, with financial inclusion as the main driver.

Learn more about AFEN- https://linktr.ee/AFENBLOCKCHAIN.