The year 2021 saw the launch of the AFEN Blockchain group, a thriving community, AFEN’s first blockchain product, and a slew of other positives. We intend to make the group’s vision clearer as we review the year and look forward to a more positive year ahead.

This article is also expected to serve as the core team’s official press release and statement to the community on certain issues, plans, and results to be expected. The team recognizes that a briefing is long overdue, and that the content of this official statement and review may not fully address questions and inquiries. As a result, an AMA session scheduled for January 5th, 2022 will consolidate this official update.

REVIEW — 2021:

As you may be aware, the AFEN blockchain group was founded this year (2021) with the sole purpose of developing blockchain products, built to redefine arts, real estate, and the education sectors to promote crypto inclusivity in Africa. To accomplish this, the team launched a token ($AFEN) that will be used to power AFEN products. A community of believers in the AFEN project was born on the backs of this structure.


However, we experienced certain shortfalls in areas such as the growth of the token ($AFEN) — which fell below projection. This was due to a strata of forces such as the mid-year unprecedented market dump, a dump in the last quarter of the year, low volume of transactions on the marketplace, FUD, and focus on internal development as opposed to increased focus on holistic marketing.

By virtue of being aware of the areas that have so far been the clog in the growth of the token, the AFEN team have curated a roadmap and drafted an actionable plan to tackle each problem faced.

Development updates:

Before delving into the roadmap, it is pertinent to take a look at the updates successfully implemented:

1. Afen token support integrated on the marketplace.

2. We added support for login with a trust wallet on the marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell their NFts using a trust wallet as well as MetaMask.

3. Staking platform launched successfully.

4. VRF chainlink integration to select users for rewards randomly.

5. New home page design revamp.

6. Create collection feature — allows users to create their own collection and mint NFT under their own smart contract.

7. Multiple NFT feature (rolling out soon) — allowing user to mint multiple copies of NFT and sell to earn royalty on each copy.

8. Integration of Moralis to optimize the data query.

Our most recent feature “Multiple NFTs” will be rolled out any moment from the release of this briefing.

Proposed action plans:

Prioritization of NFT Marketplace:

Despite ongoing optimization of the NFT marketplace, we experienced low transaction volume, prompting us to look inward to rectify the situation. So, at the heart of our plans for the new year is increased marketing activity and strategic partnerships to improve the use of $AFEN on the marketplace. We expect this to result in token growth. The rebranding of the marketplace is also on the list. To accomplish these, we have formed a team to initiate the integration of a more NFT liquidity-friendly network chain, as well as engineer a design and user experience rebranding.

Introduction of New Products:

Prior to this brief, we published an unofficial version of the 2022 roadmap with new products added to the roadmap. These products continue to be in line with our mission. The team is prepared to devote the next few months to the intensive development of the AFEN educational infrastructure. We have divided the educational platform into layers for easier development. We will also commence the early stages of the development of a real estate product. What’s more important and noteworthy is the determination to develop these products around the $AFEN token.

Product Diversification:

We believe that diversifying our existing and future products across multiple chains is critical for inclusive growth. We are exploring the incorporation of various chains into new and existing products in order to achieve community expansion and product adoption. Our journey thus far has been nothing short of thrilling, and we can’t wait to share our progress with the community.

Token Growth Incentives:

We expect a lot of positives in the coming year in relation to token growth. We intend to achieve this through tier 1 partnerships, positioning for tier 1 listings, a major mass token burn activity, integration of $AFEN to new products, and DEFI partnerships. The roadmap has been designed to primarily induce growth for the $AFEN token.

Roadmap (Q4 2021 — Q4 2022)

Q4, 2021

Q1, 2022

- Free courses

- Learn-to-Earn program

- Introducing Certificate ‘Utility’ NFTs powered by $afen

Q2, 2022

Q3, 2022

- Floor plan unveiling

- Partnership announcements

Q4, 2022

- Government partnership: Town planning authorities

- Introducing Real Estate NFTs

- Product integrations

Q1, 2023


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