Development Update for $AFEN Community: Staking Platform Progress

1 min readDec 25, 2023


Dear Community,

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in the development of our staking platform. The development process has officially commenced, and we want to share our plans for the upcoming phases.

Phase 1: Immediate Deliverable — Seamless Token and Reward Claiming:

Our first priority is to enhance the experience for our existing stakers. In this immediate phase, we are focusing on delivering a seamless process for existing stakers to claim their tokens and rewards effortlessly. This will ensure a smooth transition and recognition of the contributions made by our dedicated community members.

Phase 2: Future Staking Operations — Stake, and Earn Rewards with Ease

Looking ahead, our second phase involves the resumption of staking operations. We aim to provide all $AFEN holders with the opportunity to seamlessly stake their tokens and earn rewards.

We understand the importance of transparency and accessibility, and these principles guide our development efforts. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress.

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm. Thank you for being part of the $AFEN journey!

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