Development update: NEW UX additions , Website revamp, Airdrop, Progress report on AFEN 2.0

The motivation at AFEN remains the same. To build and develop the ecosystem for the benefit of the community. And so, after the launch of our first product, we continued development to improve the standard of AFEN NFT marketplace. Apart from this, the team has also continued marketing activities to ensure the growth of all facets of the ecosystem.

In the next few paragraphs, we acquaint you with the updates you deserve and should be aware of. One thing is sure, it is going to be a busy and informative next couple of weeks for the AFEN ecosystem.

Let’s dive in

Improvement on UX for MARKETPLACE:

• Users can now make use of the search button at the top left of the platform to search for specific NFTs or projects and interact with the search result.

• Minor bug fixes: After phase 1, we had to reassess the performance of the marketplace, taking into consideration certain complaints in order to fix minor bugs found.

• Load optimisation to fasten profile data has been fixed and you can access NFTs on any given profile at smoother and faster pace

Other Developments to follow in phase 2;

• AFEN will become acceptable as a transaction token on the marketplace in the next phase of development.

• Collection Feature: Users will be able to mint NFTs through their own smart contracts. The choice will therefore be to either mint through personalized smart contracts or the general contract available at the moment. The development of this feature has been completed and will be deployed in the coming days.

AFEN Website has a new look:

Coinmarketcap and AFEN partner for Airdrop Campaign:

In doing so, we have partnered with coinmarketcap to conduct an airdrop campaign where old and new community members stand a chance to win $11,000 in AFEN tokens and 10 unique NFTs. The draw will be taking place from the 13th through 18th of September. To participate, click the link below and follow the instructions:

New Listing? 👀

Keep an eye on updates from our official channels. We just might have some good news around the corner. Nonetheless, be rest assured that we are making progress and skipping the hurdles. In no time, the results will be in the open.

Upcoming Events:

• Join the CEO Every Tuesday on to discuss concerns, suggestions, ideas, and updates.

• Stake #AFROXNFT to earn multiple token; join discord:

Follow and join AFEN community:


Twitter: AFROXNFT:



AFEN NFT Marketplace:




A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.