Development update: NEW UX additions , Website revamp, Airdrop, Progress report on AFEN 2.0

Improvement on UX for MARKETPLACE:

After the launch of AFEN NFT marketplace on the 20th of August 2021 the team announced that there will be a phase 2 development to kickstart immediately. While phase 2 is ongoing, here are a few changes made on the marketplace;

AFEN Website has a new look:

Making the ecosystem more attractive, interactive and helpful to the community and our new customers is a priority for us at AFEN. And so, we have revamped our website to look the part. In line with this, will have a totally new look with a section to subscribe to our newsletter in the coming days. The team encourages the community to interact with the new website, sign up for our newsletter and regularly visit the website for updates.

Coinmarketcap and AFEN partner for Airdrop Campaign:

We are extremely grateful for the show of support from the community so far. We clearly understand that apart from building the ecosystem, making the investment of community members profitable is expedient. As we look forward towards aggressive and more direct token marketing in coming weeks using proven strategies, influencers, and other methods to grow interest in the AFEN project. We are also keen on rewarding the community with the benefits they deserve.

Upcoming Events:

• The Team will be announcing an AMA session with the community.

Follow and join AFEN community:






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