Development update: Token burn, Special NFT Drop, Marketplace Updates, and upcoming partnerships

Staying true to our word is a culture at AFEN and our over 20 thousand new community members would love to get used to. Some months ago, we put out communications to the community informing everyone of AFEN 2.0. A program the AFEN team designed to foster the growth of the AFEN token, reduce whale activities and to gradually integrate use cases for the AFEN token. We also made it known that AFEN 2.0 kicked off immediately after the announcement was made and there will be no timeline for achievement as it will be a continuous process. The team has kept to their word so far. The following paragraphs will further enlighten us on the recent developments in line with the aforementioned statement.

One of many significant activities last week was the burning of 150 Thousand AFEN tokens from the total supply. This activity was done in line with the promise to continuously burn tokens every month. 7.5% of total generated revenue off the NFT marketplace ( will be burnt monthly to add to the value of the AFEN tokens in circulation.

NFT creators and collectors can now transact on using the AFEN token. Users can buy, sell, mint, and pay transaction fees in AFEN tokens with an added advantage of doing so. The team further encourages AFEN community members who use the marketplace to take the bold step to pay for digital items with their tokens. The team is committed to improving marketing of the marketplace as the choicest product for NFTs.

You can view the update by visiting

Users of the marketplace can view their NFT collection and other digital collectibles with the price of the collectible translated in US dollars. This feature makes it easier to calculate the worth of the item and also assist the interested party to make calculated decisions when buying NFTs on Super amazing right?

The team promised UI improvements on the marketplace to make the NFT experience on the platform more interesting and we’ve kept to our word. You can check out the cool announcement feature on the homepage of One way to stay updated on what’s coming to the platform.

The team is convinced that partnerships are the way to go. In order to keep the ecosystem up and running, benefiting symbiotically from meaningful partnerships. To this point, the team will be announcing a series of partnerships later this month starting with a partnership that directly benefits active community members in a cross-community reward program.

It’s been in the public domain for over a week. The highly anticipated NFT collection by in-demand NFT artist, Anthony Azekwoh. The collection is titled Homecoming 2 and is one out of quite a number of special NFTs being hosted on several marketplaces for NFTs. plays host on the 5th of October to Homecoming 2.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.

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A leading hub for African blockchain-related solutions with focus on NFTs and Blockchain Education.