Development Updates: MEXC Listing, New Marketplace Updates, Partnerships.

There is so much that the AFEN community could care for. However, amongst a long list of requests from the community, at the very top is the listing of the AFEN token on a reputable central exchange. Over the past couple of months, the community has applied necessary pressure on the team to ensure that the activities within the ecosystem are in tandem with the released roadmap. In response to this endless call, AFEN initiated talks with exchanges and successfully nailed listing on popular central exchange MEXC.

Apart from this listing, other marketing and development activities are picking up. This newsletter gives a detailed explanation of what is happening at the moment in the AFEN ecosystem.

Let’s dive in!


According to the CEO, Deborah Ojengbede, this listing is the beginning of a series of community centred partnerships, listings, and development to scale the AFEN ecosystem.


Thankfully, we’ve got some juicy updates for you. Here are a few updates made so far:

  • Collection features: Marketplace users / NFT creators can now opt to create NFTs using their own smart contracts. Users can choose between general contract and creating a bee smart contract to mint a collection of NFT to be sold on
  • Report feature: Marketplace users can report a duplicated NFT or any copyright infringement. We’ve made sure of this by implementing the report button with a form to be filled which will in turn, be reviewed by the management and actions taken immediately to protect creators and NFT enthusiasts on the AFEN NFT marketplace.
  • Verification Tick: Artists on AFEN NFT marketplace will be getting verified so long as they meet verification requirements. Projects can now apply for verification on the marketplace.
  • Like an NFT: Although this feature had been previously deployed, it had not been functional until this moment. Users can now show appreciation for an NFT by clicking the like button next to the NFT.


AFEN largely believes that this is a step in the right direction.

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