Development updates: Utility assessment, New Home page design, Update on Staking, Cross community reward pool, and Partnerships.

2 min readOct 25, 2021

The team has reinforced efforts to scale the AFEN marketplace by working on incentives and general updates to ensure that buying and selling becomes a regular activity on Also, while trying to do this, the team is also focused on implementing mapped out utilities for the AFEN token. The deployment of $AFEN as a transaction token on the marketplace is one of such efforts. However, it doesn’t just stop there. To ensure that the token is being utilized and transactions are carried out, the necessary step to take is to increase marketing for the marketplace and onboard NFT enthusiasts to carry out activities. In the coming days, the AFEN team is poised to announce a new marketing offer that will help onboard a number of NFT customers to the marketplace.

More so, updating UI designs for better user experience is primary to the growth of the marketplace as a product. In line with this, we have successfully completed the following;

  • A new homepage design
  • NFT categories
  • An organized collection dashboard with more features including price data

These features will constantly be reviewed alongside other features on the marketplace to ensure that user experience is optimized for performance. Issues such as loading time and other glitches are currently being reviewed. In time, we will have a better working NFT platform that stands out.


Just as it was mentioned in the white paper, the staking program will be gradually introduced. $AFEN holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn rewards. We have commenced the development of a staking platform for this purpose and will announce the date for release accordingly.


A series of exciting benefits are coming to the AFEN ecosystem. One of such benefits is the launch of the cross community reward program. The AFEN team will be collaborating with multiple NFT collections to organize a reward pool where $AFEN holders and NFT owners of various collections present in the pool will be able to participate and earn rewards. The integration of chainlink’s VRF with the program as a randomness provider consolidates the plan for the reward pool.


We are starting. a new tradition, to inform the community on what’s next in terms of team agenda as we countdown towards the end of year. We have outlined activities that can be made public at this moment.

  • Privy NFT drops with notable figures
  • Cross community reward program launch
  • Staking platform release
  • Incentives for marketplace users
  • Announcement for new products
  • Added utilities for the $AFEN token

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