Five reasons to invest in NFTs in 2021

2 min readNov 5, 2021

There’s a lot of potential in making money for NFTs especially if you’re an artist, you can easily make headway with digital arts, you can create your own artworks and sell it on NFts platforms.

NFTs are the future of digital art and collectibles and they are gradually taking over.

If there’s a time to invest in NFTs, now is a very good time to get started, for the following reasons.

1. NFTs, digital arts, online sales and collectibles keep booming with more possibilities of booming a lot more come 2025.

The growth of NFTs have significantly increased with the commercialisation of digital arts which gained approval and demand from the art community.

Social media and the lockdown undoubtedly played an effect to this rise, one can therefore predict a promising future for digital art that might gain more value in the coming months and years.

2. NFTs have invaded the physical realm.

NFTs have created a bridge between traditional art institutions, digital and physical art.

With the involvement of technologies in the production of digital artworks it gives digital art an opportunity to renew itself in endless possibilities.

3. Blockchain is a safe technology.

With blockchain technology, there’s a 100% safety proof technological system that supports the purchase of NFTs and digital arts. Due to the way blockchain is designed, the record cannot be altered as new data needs to be approved by all computers of the blockchain. Therefore it offers privacy and a secure encrypted way of acquiring art that cannot be faked.

4. NFTs opens the digital market to a new demography.

Through NFTS, the art market opens up to digital natives. Purchases of art are broken down by digital art and are accessible to virtually everyone online, not limited to an artistic elite alone. This makes it possible for creators to have access to worldwide audience, increase their reach and incomes.

5. It’s a new community.

One of the topmost reasons why you should invest in NFTs now is the flood of interest surrounding the digital art world.

Digital art has revitalised the art scene and gathered a broad community of artists, art buyers and institutions.

NFTs bring artists and art collectors together and this gives them a community where they can share their works, ideas and support each other.

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