2 min readNov 12, 2021

Getting familiar with the AFEN Ecosystem

Afen ecosystem is a rich complex maze of network that connects to each other through the AFEN token.

It is a community of crypto enthusiasts who invest in the AFEN token and help build the network through transactions, arts and real estate investments.

AFEN is Africa’s leading NFT project with the sole aim of revolutionizing key potential sectors which are Arts, Real Estate and Education. This project has gone past the preliminary stage to involve a team of enthusiast cryptocurrency marksmen adequately skilled and ready to deliver a working platform for the exchange of digital arts, facilitation of Real Estate investments and Blockchain education.

The ecosystem consists of five major areas;

Stake and Earn

By staking AFEN tokens over a period of time, users can earn their staking rewards based on interest accrued over time and the duration of their lock up. This way they can stake their tokens and still earn from it as well.

Cashback on Transactions

When our users engage in transactions using the AFEN token either on our platforms or partnering platforms, they get a small percentage back on their tokens. So for every transaction made through the AFEN token, they get their own percentage back through the AFEN token

NFT marketplace payments

When users choose to conduct their transactions using the AFEN token on the NFT marketplace, they get a percentage discount on their transaction fees.

With the launch of our marketplace, AFEN will have an edge over other known NFTs platforms. It would be one of the few African projects to move from idea to actual product with tremendous impact and these benefits will be available to only users holding the AFEN token. The edge it has over other platforms built on the Ethereum chain would be low on transaction and commission fees.

Educational incentives.

The idea is to allow educators upload on the AFEN platform and paying them for every course completion that their course holds through the AFEN token. That way creating another source of income for educators through the AFEN token.

Real Estate investments

Users can choose to purchase property which is listed via the AFEN token and get a percentage discount on transaction fee.

While purchasing the property, money is placed in escrow upon sale and tax is paid to the government. Ownership will then be transferred to the buyer upon confirmation of requirements.

With the network of the ecosystem in place, users of AFEN token have a better experience at using the token as they become part of the ecosystem and AFEN community.

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