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Dear community,

We kicked off this year moderately excited, knowing that the tasks ahead are giants in their own right. And on this premise, we began this incredible journey towards fulfilling the roadmap for 2022. In this newsletter, we will describe our recent progress while updating you on new developments.

  • Development update on marketplace revamp
  • The AFEN token; situation report
  • Development update on Metacitti
  • Bloomone Phase 1 launch/ phase 2
  • The Afen smart tourism metaverse project
  • Migration to Discord
  • Staking
  • Closing


It’s been an exciting and thrilling experience behind the scenes to ensure that we roll out an amazing product better than the existing NFT marketplace. Just like we announced at the first AMA session of the year; new features, major UI fixing, incentives, and collaborations will form the development of a newer marketplace productive enough to generate revenue for the AFEN ecosystem. Since then, we have gone on to establish these features which we consider a priority; we have created a technical litepaper to better explain what’s coming; and also developed a landing page to showcase the experience this new marketplace brings to the ecosystem.

In line with this, we’re excited to announce the transformation of the existing AFEN NFT marketplace to a new identity called NftyTribe; a multi-chain NFT marketplace indexing NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance smart chain. The reason for this major name and identity change is to adequately create a product that will easily find product-market fit while ensuring that the user community is rewarded.

Other Development achievements;

  • We’ve successfully deployed the smart contract to other chains
  • Advancement in new user interface development
  • New hires to consolidate existing development team
  • We have internally fixed the product delivery date
  • Completed reward and incentives plans for user communities


We have set parameters in place to ensure token growth and we will continue to reiterate this to ensure that the community is fully aware of our action plans to make the most of an incoming bull run. The following describes a subset of plans put in place:

  • We have successfully developed an incredible architecture to ensure that there are active new entrants to our token ecosystem through a robust reward structure that incentivizes the AFEN token staking community. See NftyTribe litepaper.
  • We are committed to accruing and consolidating funds for a major buyback and burn event in Q2 this year. Our plans tie into all products currently under development.
  • New collaboration announcement; this is inclusive of a smart tourism metaverse project.
  • We’re constantly adding to the marketing team. Our recent focus is on business development experts with experience in operating within the crypto industry.


Afen is committed to building a diverse array of products that tie into the NFT ecosystem. We intend to develop unique solutions utilizing NFT and NFT infrastructure to create new opportunities. Through Metacitti, the journey has begun to achieve this.

Concerning the development of this product, we have achieved the following listed deliverables;

  • Website is up:
  • The first version of the Metacitti litepaper is available for download on the website.
  • Schematic diagram for the infrastructure is being designed and development has commenced.
  • Partnerships with realtors and other companies have begun.
  • We started this quarter on an upbeat and the momentum is sustained.

We will keep on advancing development side by side with other products. Join the waitlist:


We simultaneously launched the AFEN official website and the first phase of BloomONE; AFEN’s crypto educational project. Following the launch of the first phase of this project, we released a detailed article to differentiate between phases 1 and 2 of the project. See here.

As we progress towards the launch of phase2, we hope to build a resilient and loyal BloomONE community through free web3 content, audio community learning sessions, freebies, and incentives. This community will help us achieve our target towards the launch of a decentralized learning management system where we will integrate learn and earn rewards, NFT certificates, and internship opportunities to offer the best educational experience in the web3 space.

The goal for Afen is to drive crypto adoption and pioneer the development of a generation of web3 enthusiasts that will, in turn, contribute to the growth of a decentralized internet.

A milestone in progress:

  • Completed the development of the first phase
  • Free tutorial videos and courses
  • Community building
  • Landing page TBA


We recently unveiled our partnership with the Plateau Smart Tourism Group. This partnership will see us work together with the plateau state tourism corporation to digitize tourism in Nigeria’s tourist destination hub, Plateau state. However, there’s more news and we cannot wait to share the core details of our plans to build a metaverse where everyone can gain access to Africa’s unimaginable beauty from all over the world.


We have made a lot of progress in building the discord community after we announced our migration from telegram to discord. The discord community currently sits above 32 thousand community members with active discussions and contributions from these members. We are open to accepting moderators for communities of different countries within our discord. While we remain passively active on telegram, you are advised to join our discord community where we are more connected with the community. Join here.


We are aware of continuous complaints concerning the staking platform. We are currently looking into this to resolve all issues. In a situation where you have encountered a specific difficulty while attempting to stake, unstake or withdraw, please send a detailed description of your encounter to We will attend to you within 24–48 hours and resolve the issue.


We cannot wait to share more exciting updates with the community. Sign up on our waitlists across different products (Metacitti, NftyTribe, and BloomONE), to receive direct development updates on our progress.

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