1. Seamless and rewarding NFT creation:
  • Rewards and incentives: On NftyTribe, everyone earns! Both creators and collectors get to share from NftyTribe’s trading fees distributed periodically in stable tokens. Learn more here.
  • Digital Twin: You can easily tie real-life assets to NFTs as a creator and sell on NftyTribe. Our digital twin verification process protects both sellers and buyers and ensures secured transactions irrespective of the traders’ location.
  • Lazy Minting: Creators do not have to pay gas fees outrightly to mint NFTs on NftyTribe. Leverage our lazy minting feature. Mint your NFTs now and pay gas fees only when an item is sold.
  • African Arts: NftyTribe makes it easy for an African artist to showcase their work by adding their NFTs under the “African Arts” category on NftyTribe for faster discoverability.



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