3 min readJun 30, 2022


‘The tribal dance, the tribal dance. Tap tap tap! Here comes the King!’


120+ days after the unveiling of a plan to revamp our old NFT marketplace, we’re proud to finally announce the launch of NftyTribe — the multi-chain NFT marketplace built on Skale Network, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and more. NftyTribe is designed for convenient NFT trading.

This first launch opens NftyTribe only to NFT creators who had already signed up as launch partners. In later days, we would open up the marketplace to collectors and other NFT creators.

In creating NftyTribe, we reflected on the challenges faced by NFT creators using other NFT marketplaces as well as the collectors’ expectations of an NFT marketplace today. The result of that research is an NFT marketplace that offers two grand values to users:

  1. Seamless and rewarding NFT creation:

NFT creators do struggle with poor discoverability on prominent marketplaces even as they work through expensive NFT processes and/or have to put up with delayed royalties. On NftyTribe, creators can thrive leveraging our smart algorithms and categories which simplify discoverability and our lazy minting feature. NftyTribe also pays out royalties to creators within just 14 days of sales.

We dreamt of taking the leash off creators’ imagination and so added a digital twin feature to let you go beyond just digital arts to attaching real-life items to NFTs and trading them on NftyTribe. Think of all you can create with that!

2. Appreciating African-themed NFTs and African NFT creators:

African arts rarely have a home in an NFT marketplace. We brought that unique feature of the old marketplace to NftyTribe by including an African art category so African artists can better showcase their work and buyers can collect them with ease!

3. Convenient and rewarding NFT shopping experience:

NftyTribe parades NFTs across multiple chains, giving shoppers a vast variety of digital collectibles to choose from. Security is never compromised as NftyTribe protocols

safeguard buyers from ensuring only authentic NFT creators sell on the Tribe, to supervising the safe shipment of digital twin items to collectors.

Aside from appreciating an intuitive and interactive shopping experience, most collectors silently wish they could browse their favorite NFTs and add them to a wishlist to buy later, or add multiple NFTs to a cart for easier payment. So we made it happen by adding a shopping cart functionality to NftyTribe.

As a revamp of the old marketplace, NftyTribe features several improvements that did not have and boasts of measuring up to other leading NFT marketplaces. Most notable of these features are:

  • Rewards and incentives: On NftyTribe, everyone earns! Both creators and collectors get to share from NftyTribe’s trading fees distributed periodically in stable tokens. Learn more here.
  • Digital Twin: You can easily tie real-life assets to NFTs as a creator and sell on NftyTribe. Our digital twin verification process protects both sellers and buyers and ensures secured transactions irrespective of the traders’ location.
  • Lazy Minting: Creators do not have to pay gas fees outrightly to mint NFTs on NftyTribe. Leverage our lazy minting feature. Mint your NFTs now and pay gas fees only when an item is sold.
  • African Arts: NftyTribe makes it easy for an African artist to showcase their work by adding their NFTs under the “African Arts” category on NftyTribe for faster discoverability.

For details about NftyTribe features, our reward system, and tokenomics, read our Litepaper.

NftyTribe promises to be everything you could want out of an NFT marketplace and more. The team is never resting on oars. We shift our focus to further improving NftyTribe so you can continually enjoy a satisfactory NFT trading experience.

‘It’s the beauty of one, but not the end of many to come!’