• Popular NFT collections on NftyTribe: Since NftyTribe is indexing across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, you can access your favorite NFT collections such as Bored apes, Meebits, Crypto punks, and more on NftyTribe. NFTs unique to AFEN are still available as we intend to maintain our smart contract even while indexing.
  • Instant Royalties: NftyTribe instant royalty feature enables creators to earn royalties for works sold immediately after the sale! This is almost too unique to NftyTribe as most NFT marketplaces delay royalties for 2 or more weeks. We pay creators’ royalties instantly. Royalties are fixed between 5–10%.
  • Add to Favorite: NftyTribe added an online shopping favoriting feature to give you a Web 2.0 shopping experience within a Web 3.0 platform. This saves you stress on continuous search by allowing you to add multiple NFTs to their favorite list. You can then easily return to buy saved NFTs anytime they want.
  • Lazy Minting: Creators can mint NFTs at zero cost, putting them off-chain and paying minting fees only when their NFTs are bought. With this, NftyTribe reduces the entry barrier for creators wishing to explore the world of NFTs.
  • Mint on NftyTribe, View on Opensea: NftyTribe allows creators the freedom to mint their NFTs on NftyTribe and have them available on Opensea and other marketplaces in line with the standard infrastructure. This gives the creator a flexible option and the luxury of choice.
  • Native language interaction: As a community-centric NFT marketplace, we allow you to interact with NftyTribe in your native language. Yes! Now, you can create a description for your NFT in your native language without fear of misconception. We support multiple languages allowing a wide range of NFT enthusiasts to explore our marketplace.
  • Advanced Method of Sharing your NFT: With the AFEN NFT marketplace, you could only share links to your NFTs without a display image attached. Yeah, we know it sucked and made it better. Now your audience can view your NFTs as images when you share the links and click to buy directly from you.
  • AFEN Metaverse NFTs: More than just a marketplace where NFTs across multiple chains are available to be bought and sold, NftyTribe will host a wide collection of NFTs from the AFEN metaverse project. These NFTs will wield several unique utilities and will be exclusively accessible on NftyTribe.
  1. Stake to Earn Trading fees and APY%: Active stakers on NftyTribe will earn 50% of trading fees from trading activity directly in stable coins, as well as earn % in APY.
  2. Mint, buy, sell and earn: Users who mint, buy an NFT, or sell an NFT on NftyTribe will earn 15% respectively of the trading fees. Rewarding these market participants, goes beyond attracting market liquidity to genuinely rewarding users.
  3. Major Buyback and burn event: As we announced our 2022 roadmap,there will be a major buyback and burn event. To achieve this, 5% of weekly total trading fees would be set aside in a public wallet and locked until a certain period. The accrued fees would be used to buyback AFEN tokens and burn them immediately.
  4. Airdrops: Investors and stakers who hold up to a certain amount of AFEN tokens will qualify for an airdrop from a defined allocation.

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