The Apes are Coming | Macho Apes NFTs Launching on AFEN Marketplace

5 min readDec 12, 2021

If there’s one thing to take away from Disney’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie franchise is the familiar tagline among fans, “the apes are coming!” Fancy, right? Well, the apes are coming for real this time, not to cause chaos as usual but to put some value in your vault.

We’re talking about Macho Apes NFTs launching on the AFEN marketplace on Monday, 13th December 2021! These apes are bringing lots of goodies with them and you could win BIG by participating in this project. So you might want to stick around and read the rest of this piece.

What are Macho Apes?

Macho apes NFTs are 20 unique 72-pixel designed characters. Being NFTs, no two apes are exactly the same and each ape can be owned by a single person on the AFEN marketplace, secured by the AFEN blockchain.

Macho Apes were inspired by the ‘Bored Apes’ project of which the creators are huge fans! Bored Apes are cool and all, but in reality, male apes are actually muscular beings. The creators thought of adding actual muscles to apes — and come on, who doesn’t love an NFT that depicts the real thing, right? BOOM! The “Macho” (muscular) Apes concept was born.

Behind the art, Macho apes are also inspired by the benefits of keeping fit or staying in shape. The creators are passionate about making fitness a lifestyle! Hence, each of the 20 muscular-looking apes of all-male tribes depicts man’s true nature when he commits himself to stay fit.

That said, let’s meet the apes and learn the qualities that make each one unique.

Meet the Macho Apes

Ape 1 (also known as Funky Ape)

This character shows an ape wearing a Snapback, he is the stylish and modern ape of the tribe.

Ape 2 (also known as Ninja Ape)

The ninja of the tribe. He protects and makes sure the tribe is safe. Inspired by the movie ‘Ninja’.

Ape 3 (also known as Fury)

Fury is the ape with extreme strength of violence and anger. Every member of the tribe respects Fury.

Ape 4 (also known as Loki)

Loki is the Norse God who contrived evil and mischief to the tribe. Inspired by the Marvel Studios character ‘Loki’.

Ape 5 ( Also known as Melody)

Melody as the name implies loves music which makes him the jingle and vocal ape of the tribe.

Ape 6 (also known as Horns)

Called horns because he wears the horn of a pronghorn antelope.

Ape 7 (also known as rockstar)

Rockstar is the most famous of all the tribes.

Ape 8 (also known as Cowboy)

This character of a cowboy was inspired by the award-winning movie ‘Harder the Fall’.

Ape 9 (also known as Macho Ape)

Macho ape is the strongest of all the tribe and is known for his well-built sharp which is carved by the gods themselves.

Ape 10 (also known as Astronaut)

Astronomer of the tribe.

Ape 11 (also known as Lebron)

Lebron can be described as that one ape that loves and is passionate about the NBA. Inspired by Lebron James.

Ape 12 (also known as Medic)

Obviously, he has taken the characteristics of a doctor ape. Well, we all know the tribe will not be complete without him — the doc in the house.

Ape 13 (also known as Commander)

Dressed in his camo ready for action. The character is inspired by the award-winning movie ‘Half of a yellow sun’.

Ape 14 (also known as Scuba ape)

An ape geared up with his oxygen and tank ready for action.

Ape 15 (also known as Unleash the Beast)

A member of the tribe who just broke the shackles on his neck and is let loose. This one is wild!

Ape 16 (also known as General)

As seen, he is a 5-star general. Also inspired by the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun.’

Ape 17 (also known as Overlord)

He is the overall and independent ruler of the tribe. They call him King.

Ape 18 (also known as Noel)

Detailed character of the tribe wearing a Christmas cap.

Ape 19 (also known as the Villain)

Dressed like a gangster, Villain is a member of the tribe.

Ape 20 (also known as Blacky)

He is a black African ape who was just recruited to the tribe.

What to expect from the Macho Apes project

Macho Apes is a long-term project and the creators have ambitious plans. This includes involving 3D artists, animators, and more to join the project and “create magic” with the apes.

They are driven to create more awareness about the importance of fitness around the globe using depicted NFTs that are both inspiring and valuable.

Through extensive partnerships and projects, the creators also plan to sharpen the future of health and fitness using the NFT space.

These and more are why we are excited to launch Macho Apes on the AFEN marketplace on Monday, 13th December 2021 and why you might want to collect these NFTs.

What’s more? You get to WIN a FREE Macho Ape when you buy a Macho Ape on the AFEN marketplace! You also stand a chance to win part of a $1000 AFEN reward pool when you retweet and follow @macho_ape on Twitter and Instagram after purchase!

Let’s spell it out clearly, shall we?

How to WIN: Buy, Retweet, Follow and WIN!

Step 1:

Buy a Macho Ape NFT on the AFEN marketplace and instantly WIN a free Macho Ape. You also become eligible for the reward pool of $1000 AFEN!

Step 2:

Retweet AFEN tweets about Macho apes or a scripted caption and use the hashtags: #AFEN #NFTCommunity #NFTs in all your tweets.

Step 3:

Follow the Macho Apes NFTs on Twitter and Instagram: @macho_ape

So start collecting, start winning and stay FIT doing it!

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